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Individual Project Design Solutions

Conewango Valley Country Club - 12th hole proposal
The 12th hole, later added to this Donald Ross nine hole course, has two flat green complexes, one for the male members, the lower for the female members. A plan was proposed to further take advantage of the terrain and still keep within the style of the existing course. Toggle between existing and
proposed illustrations by clicking the image to the right.

Las Colinas Country Club - 16th hole proposal
Baxter Spann was contracted to help expand the greens surfaces back to the playing characteristics originally designed by Mr. Joe Finger and to incorporate a range of improvements throughout the course. While assisting, I submitted the following plan for a more involved program to greatly improve the playability of the 16th. Toggle between existing and proposed
illustrations by clicking the image to the right.
Mira Vista Golf Club - 4th & 5th hole redesign
Mike Epps, the current superintendent and overseer of a recent USGA national championship, has been implementing beneficial programs since his arrival in 2003. I have been helping with programs to reduce maintenance costs, and maintain or improve playing characteristics.
The fourth hole had a garish cart path that traversed through the playing area, which has been relocated.  The far right used to have several blind and out of play bunkers that were not much more than a maintenance headache.  They have been eliminated to make way for the new cart path, and substantial tree planting to screen the player from new home development.

Toggle between existing and proposed illustrations
by clicking the image to the upper right.
The lower image to the right can be clicked to view
a slide show of existing and proposed conditions.
Champions Golf Club – Cypress Strategic Proposal
Creating additional yardage while working on the master plan for this historic and top rated classic course has been challenging.  Lengthening comes with a high cost per yard.  The illustration at right would create a departure from the existing strategy by creating two short par fours and two much longer par fives via shifting of two greens.  Adding much more theater, but also diminishing the historical significance of rounds played here in the past, which is ultimately why this proposal is currently shelved.  In theory, I would like the added strategy to some the average holes. The Thompson chart can also beviewed by
toggling on the illustration at upper right.
Practice facility upgrade and expansion
The current range is too short and doesn’t drain effectively after a small rain event.  The range is closed often with a negative effect on key revenues.  A newly expanded 50k square foot tee is planned with a brand new short game area.  The tiger hitter will have more space, and a tee that will almost always be open.  Plans for the far side tee will also be incorporated with another new short game area.
Cleveland Club - 6th hole redesign
The new ownership of an existing nine hole course, has plans to wholly develop the surrounding land, and will eventually reinvigorate the course.  My proposal of the 6th hole could be accomplished while adhering to the original routing. The playing characteristics would be dramatically improved, and center around a dramatically swaled green complex with a steep falloff on the right side. Click the image at right to view a Simpsonesque computer generated illustration of my proposal.
Walden Golf and Country Club
Several years ago Walden Golf and Country Club retained a new general manager.  They have upgraded their inn to Ohio ’s only AAA Five Diamond Awarded destination.  And have also modestly upgraded the course, reworking bunkers and tees lengthening the course to the benefit of one of the highest course ratings in the state.  Over the past few years we have been working together on improving the courses strategy and supporting the towns need for additional drainage infrastructure.  Aurora has been planning to increase its water retention ability, and the course has been looking for ways to help the city while improving its individual holes.
The 16th hole is the greatest let down on the course.  It has a bland tee shot to a flat open landing area with no distinction, with a featureless bunker protecting the inside corner.  The hole is 422 yards long, on a course that doesn’t have a par four under 400 yards.  The green is generally flat with a bunker protecting short right.  The total hole has no more than 10 feet of total elevation change.  Additionally there is a walk back to the 17th tee, where the course finishes with two demanding holes.  My proposal would convert the hole to a short par four of 310 yards, with a pond protecting the left side and rear of the green.  The pond would meet some of the city’s requirements.  The direct path to the green would also be guarded by a deep greenside bunker, providing adequate penalty should the tiger go for the green and narrowly miss their target.  With the fill material from the new pond, the green would be slightly elevated to counter the flattest parcel on the property.  The two acres that would be available after removing the existing green complex, may be utilized for an additional practice area or a putting course.
Plans for a practice center near the club’s pool and tennis courses are in development.  A new chipping green was added in 2001 and gets lots of use.  There are almost two acres to create a golf experience.  The club has a few hundred social, non-golf, members that could take advantage of the site, if a fun and entertaining putting course were created.  Similar to the Himilayas at St. Andrews , this putting course would be accessed by all members and would help promote golf for all the non-playing members, especially women and juniors.  Eventually many will get their start here, and graduate to the main course becoming golf playing members.