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I ATTACK A PROJECT with unwavering integrity and a powerful desire to stay on schedule and within budget, without sacrificing design quality. By building a foundation of effective communication and proactive coordination, and blending it with a unique design process, I keep projects heading toward their goals.

To best ensure a club’s success, the maintainability of the course must be considered from the beginning and throughout every aspect of the project.

My objective is to strike a balance which incorporates a strategic design that is sensitive and conforming to the land as well as the client's goals, the course’s initial build and ongoing maintenance costs, and player enjoyment. This result is best achieved by spending a substantial amount of time on site with a detailed design.

My preliminary design phase involves significant field studies combined with a unique plan creation process that generates accurate cost projections. The system's benefits combine the freedom of drawing by hand with the precise, technological rigors and rote number-crunching abilities of computer aided design.

This method permits me to instantly compute and tabulate feature areas, cut and fill volumes, and a bill of materials. Most importantly, it provides an increased ability to incorporate field adjustments that will greatly enhance the future enjoyment of the course and not impact the bottom line. It’s these alterations that are best accomplished after a great amount of time is spent in the field overseeing construction and making the most out of the land.