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Comprehensive Construction Plans

The following plans were all created for the support of the construciton of Wolf Point Club. The 32 page complete set of plans were utilized for irrigation and drainage quantity orders. They were also transferred for use to a hand held GPS unit for accurate installation and take offs. Bidding contractors commented that they had never seen more detailed plans.

Grading Plans
Depending on the accuracy of the base map, all proposed earthwork may be depicted using design contours. The design is planned in advance with every yard of fill accounted for, with room to make adjustments in the field.

Drainage Plans
Every inlet, branch and outfall are idenitified with the appropriate top of grate elevations and invert elevations to ensure minimized earthwork and engineered results. The pipes are sized using the appropriate water shed areas and calculated for each and every inlet, further optimizing costs.
Earthwork Plans
Earthwork is blanced overall on site to eliminate importing and exporting of soil. Earhtwork is also balanced in individual quadrants to minimize haul times. This graphical depiction of the planned earthworks enables a contractor to optimize their efficiency.
Irrigation Plans
The irrigation system was designed in house. The plans provided for a competitive and accurate bid process. The decoder irrigation system is slated to be installed under budget.
Irrigation Details
Every part and element needed for the construction of the entire golf course was planned out. It facilitated ordering, estimating and construction. Allowing for the highest probability of completing under budget.
Grassing Plans
An accurate grassing budget is paramount to get the course started in the right direction. Exacting take offs allow the contractor to bid competitively and ensure proper installation.
Rendering Plan
A picture is worth a thousand words. Display a rendered plan to allow the future or existing clients to visualize the course and discuss the future favorably.
Coupled with an as-built, it is a must for the maintenance facility.