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The computer generated images to the right depict the proposed design for the planned renovation of a course on the Gulf Coast of Texas. The uppermost image is a planview of the area showing the existing holes with dotted black lines, and the proposed changes in color. This existing section of the course has four holes crammed unsafely in place with very tight playing corridors. The changes create far more strategy, playing space and a very dramatic bunker complex. This is also the main offiste view corridor of the course and the best point to attract additional play.
(Click to view a slide show of the images to the right)

A rendering can describe what the golf course will look like before it is constructed. We can articulate and share ideas using existing images but often times it is difficult to describe or visualize complex ideas in practical easily understood language. A computer rendering can quickly relate several ideas as to my vision. Developers, home owners, prospective members, shapers, contractors can see an impression of the course, view corridors or even specific views.

A set of construction plans and a rendering are often different and utilized for separate tasks. Renderings are more of a guide line. Vegetation and final elevations are difficult to predict, or may be quite costly to recreate exactly. Ideally the rendering is used as a tool to convey ideas which will facilitate future changes in the field.

“The ultimate character of the course must be developed as the construction progresses”

- William Flynn